Home studio tour (video)

Een (engelstalige) ‘tour’ van de home studio. Deze video heb ik gemaakt voor mijn Engels sprekende vrienden/bekenden.

Tour of my Low Budget yet professional sounding Home Recording Studio with the best free studio software for your home studio.

My new home recording studio is based on cheap hardware, free recording software for demo recording, studio productions and voice over productions.

We have recorded and mixed several albums, EP’s and demo’s in this home studio available at http://barkingaunts.bandcamp.com/

The hardware for this studio including two vocal mic’s, mixer, amp and monitor speakers costs less than USD $500!
It also includes the best FREE multitrack recording software for your DAW!

The hardware used in my home studio
* Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer;
* Behringer UCA222 USB Audio converter (AD converter)
* Computer: ASRock Mini-ITX based comupter with
— ASRock Q1900B-ITX motherboard
— Quad Core Intel Celeron;
— 8GB Ram (Crucial SO-DIMM 2x4GB);
— SSD Disk (Trion 100 OZC SSD Disk).
* SkyTEC Karaoke PA System

Microphones in this video:
* Shure C606 Dynamic Mic;
* McCrypt Condenser Mic.

Other equipment, not listed as part of the studio but shown here and used in my studio (but not essential for a home studio):
* Digitech TRIO Band Creator
* Dgitech RP50 DSP;
* Digitech JamMan express xt
* JoYo JF-14 American Sound (simulates Fender 57 Deluxe amp)

Thanks for watching!